Number one


Our first call is an exploratory conversation to learn about your goals and objectives. This is the first step with us where you will learn about us and how we get you qualified prospects, better hires, and revenue growth.

We want to know what you have tried, what you are doing and what has worked in the past. Then we will explain exactly how we can help. No hidden agendas, no secret formulas, no waiting for a price or proposal. (Yes, we will provide what we do in writing too)

The first step to working with us is to learn about us and how we do things. We are NOT a get rich quick lead generation tool. We are a strategic marketing agency that builds a customized and personalized roadmap that is designed to achieve the goals you desire.

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Number Two


Now that your goals and objectives are crystal clear and it is time to design your custom roadmap. This plan is designed to get you results in the short term while building for ongoing, long-term success and growth.

This is how we can give you a $1,000,000 revenue growth guarantee. Our program is a roadmap with a plan that is adjustable as we implement it so that all testing and insight can be accounted for. It is not a set in concrete, cookie cutter approach that is used for every client.

It begins with identifying the characteristics of your founders and leadership. Then we analyze, deconstruct and rebuild your services to discover all the benefits and results along with any other attributes that let us create tantalizing offers. Finally we study all aspects of your market and use all of this information to determine locations, messaging, and ideas that will attract the perfect clients within your target market.

This is your complete roadmap to millions in revenue growth.

Number Three


Now that you have a roadmap, it’s time to implement the tools and tactics that will create results and get qualified prospects contacting you. We’ll take massive action on your behalf implementing the right tactics and tools you need to grow.

This process includes things like designing, building or refreshing your website and building out all the necessary social media profiles to match. It also includes creating and publishing pillar content and branch content. We will also develop, design, publish and test advertising and sales funnels as appropriate.

Make no mistake, many marketers will peddle Lead Gen or Social Media Marketing as a strategy. This is just not true. These things are tools to be used in a plan. A Real Marketing Strategy is one thing and one thing only. When you have one you will understand the difference between tools and strategy along with the how and the why our roadmap will increase your sales pipeline flow.

Number Four


The foundation for all of your marketing is in place, tested, tried and true. It is time to scale, sell and grow even more. You keep doing what you do best; closing sales, bringing value to your clients, providing exemplary service, and getting referrals. Now with us you just do it even more.

During this part of the roadmap we may redesign and optimize your sales process and sales strategy. We will add technology that simplifies some of your processes and procedures. Finally we will continue to advertise and begin to scale up the ad spend while we consistently A/B test everything we do.

As we add and discover new tools and tactics the optimization and testing is a continuous part of the process. This is what digital marketing is all about. Finding what works even better then the existing tactic and never becoming complacent with the status quo.

Bottom line: we never do the minimum.

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