A Few Questions for Lewis May about Branding and How to Communicate with the Marketplace on a Deeper Level

I asked Lewis May the CEO for Hammersport Marketing some questions about branding. He spoke about the importance of having a good brand and how to communicate with the marketplace on a deeper level

Pat–  Why should I sign up for the Hammersport Marketing branding course?

Lewis– Okay. Our course is going to teach you what a brand is, why you want one. Then basically how to build or redevelop a brand. So it’s the least expensive yet most detailed and involved version of how to deliver this information to the marketplace.    

Pat–  Why do companies need a brand? 

Lewis– So this is a more in-depth question that we could do. I could talk to you for a while. Basically what I wrote was to help them communicate with the marketplace on a deeper level. The company must have a way to communicate their value beyond what their product or service does. People want to know about the benefits and features of a product. They only want to know some features if they need the product, but they’re willing to listen to your purpose.

Even if they don’t need your product or service at that moment. Building a brand gives an owner or leader control over their marketing by providing a guidebook. The guide leads them to a content creation system that develops a framework. Then they have a plan to start the development and continue it into the future.

By building a brand, a person and a company can create this logical pathway for people to have an emotional connection with the company. So this connection to a greater purpose helps to attract the right employees and the right clients. So it builds an internal culture and it also drives the economics of the company.

Pat– What is the difference between a brand and a logo? 

Lewis– So a brand is the thoughts, statements, ideas, and values that allow for an emotional connection. Cause we discussed, the logo then becomes a symbol. A conduit or a trigger for that feeling to happen when a person sees it?

Yeah. So in-depth, a little further, the other factors about a logo or the other factors on the visual representation of a brand, which then go into, colors and the use of multiple colors. the shading of those colors and, and then also, the fonts that are used by the company. So they can put in all of those choices that can build your brand or help it at all, or actually hurt your brand.

Pat– How can having a good brand improve my business? 

Lewis– And so that one, I just met with a simple answer. the attraction of desired customers that value your product and a tool to retain them. it’ll give you, so what did I say? How can this happen?

It’s going to, and it will improve your business by giving you the ability to attract desired employees and create an uphold a positive culture. How can a good brand improve your business? it does. It is in a simple form. Do those two things, it increases the effectiveness of your external communication to the marketplace, to attract prospects and turn them into clients and then retain them as clients.

And it finds that ideal communication. Inwardly towards your team, your employees, your leadership, to give them the basis and ideal of the culture, and then let them give them a framework to grow and evolve that culture as deemed necessary, to thrive. Yeah. Those things will result in long term success and abundance. So whatever you’re looking for in abundance then. 

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