Client Encounters to Drive Business Development

Too many businesses fail to include client encounters in their regular sales process and strategy, don’t be one of them.

Client encounters play a crucial role in driving business development, as they present valuable opportunities to nurture relationships and create positive buyer experiences.

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of client encounters throughout the sales process and how they can contribute to business growth and referrals.

Decorum i.e. Professional Conduct plays a huge role at all times

When encountering clients outside regular business operations, maintaining professionalism is paramount. Acting as the most polite and pleasant person in the room not only earns respect but also establishes a positive image for your business.

While refraining from discussing business matters may be appropriate in such settings, showcasing high-value behavior can leave a lasting impression, indirectly contributing to future business dealings.

Client Encounters should be leveraged throughout the Sales Process

The sales process begins with prospecting and ends with upselling and referrals. Delivering an exceptional buyer experience at every stage of this process is fundamental.

Satisfied clients become loyal advocates.

They recommend your services to others, thereby expanding your customer base with high-quality, easy-to-close referrals, THAT DON’T COST A DIME!

Prioritizing the Buyer Experience during most Client Encounters is a great behavior for long-term business growth.

A fanatically awesome sales process centers around providing an outstanding buyer experience.

By consistently exceeding expectations and delivering on promises, you turn clients into enthusiastic fans who eagerly promote your business.

Additionally, emphasizing a streamlined and efficient sales process will create a positive association with your brand and encourage referrals.

Remember – The Client started as a Prospect!

People should be treated as if they might be a prospect from the moment of initial contact.

Adopting a consultative and educational sales approach demonstrates genuine interest in their needs and goals.

Every interaction represents an opportunity to influence the buyer journey positively, cultivating a long-term relationship and increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

“Dropping hints about what constitutes a Great Referral can help your clients help you!”

Lewis May

Preparing for Referrals is a great way to leverage encounters into multiple positive results.

Are your friends, family, and clients prepared to introduce you?

Throughout the sales process, strategic statements and questions can be inserted to plant the seed for future referrals.

Demonstrating your commitment to providing five-star service and expressing a desire for referrals subtly encourages clients to share their positive experiences with others.

For example, during a sales call, you can say, “My goal is to provide you with five-star service so that you’ll be eager to leave a review and recommend me to your best contacts. Is there anything else I can do to ensure you have a top-notch experience?” 

Client encounters are also a great time to share stories about successes that help them to relate to other potential clients. 

Prepare to get referrals by communicating with others about what type of referrals you are looking for.

Client encounters are pivotal in driving business development.

By maintaining professionalism, prioritizing the buyer experience, and strategically preparing for referrals, you can leverage these encounters to build lasting relationships and foster a strong customer base.

Treating every client as a prospect from the outset and providing exceptional service will lead to increased business growth and a steady stream of referrals, further propelling your success.

To explore more insights on client encounters and business development, leave a comment with a question or idea.

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