Getting to know Hammersport Marketing

My official title for Hammersport Marketing is still being discussed. Lewis May and Riley Seaburg, the owners have called me their journalist. I will be telling the story of the company, and the people who work for the company. It is important for me to work for people that I believe in. I’m getting to know HammerSport Marketing.

My introduction to Hammersport was through Mary Brady.

I think her official title is office manager, but the reality is she does several jobs and does them well. She does graphic design, writing, editing, and has a comprehensive grasp of what is going on at Hammersport. She knows their history first hand, and understands their direction, and what is happening at the moment. We were introduced about four years ago by a mutual friend who we both agree if he vouches for someone we know he’s right.

Mary and Lewis used to come into what was my art gallery. It was always nice to see both of them, although I didn’t know Lewis well. I had approached Mary about doing some writing for the company. Lewis and Riley decided that can be a part of it.

They have helped me create my own podcast, From the Desk of Pat Greene. That will be released soon. The podcasts consist of me interviewing creative people. I have interviewed four people so far. This is an extension of my days as a radio host at Rollins College’s WPRK radio. I hosted Jazz in the Bible Belt from 1999- 2011. A couple of years later I came back. I co-hosted with a few people. It was mostly interviewing.

I love interviewing interesting people. When doing this, I try not to come to the interview with too many preconceived ideas about the person I’m interviewing or the interview process. I research the person I’m going to interview, even if I know them. I write down notes and ideas about questions and topics, but I try to be as conversational as if it weren’t a public interview. My questions and notes often become irrelevant or barely relevant. I don’t want anything to be constructed, so I’m working to tell their honest company story. I want to remember to listen.

Not only am I doing my own podcast, but I’m getting to know Hammersport Marketing the company, and the team. I have been talking to everyone this past week. I am still hitting the surface. I like this crew. Some details that I know so far is that Lewis has a rally racing car that he sponsors, and he built. Riley fought in the Army in Afghanistan. Chelsea studied interior design before this. Mary used to work at the library with a friend who introduced us. She has gone back to school to study graphic design. I have been told by Riley and Chelsea to ask Mary about flowers. I haven’t yet. I am approaching it for now as if we are new friends. I want to be their friends.

Lewis and Riley have stressed that they want to make money, and help others. They acknowledge that the marketing industry is not known for helping others. Because of this, they are serious about being a part of the change. They create a successful business that helps others do the same. They want to feel good about what they have done to make money. That is why I have tried hard to get to know them. I am a skeptic too. The more time I spend with them, the more I believe in them and what they are doing. I’m really enjoying getting to know HammerSport Marketing. If you like what you are hearing about them they can be contacted here, HammerSport Marketing Contact. If you want to see what they are like check out some of their social media here, HammerSport Marketing Facebook Page.

Riley has stressed that I need to study a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk. He has made a lot of money. He helps others do the same. I have been listening to his daily podcast. A lot of times he talks to people who probably have no money, and whose potential would likely be overlooked by most. Gary gives motivational talks to them and to his listeners. He encourages others to not focus on the superficial details of success. I admit I would not seek him out if it weren’t for my job.

I am glad that I was given this assignment. Gary V as he calls himself has a sincere, intelligent, and practical message. I encourage you to listen to it. I will continue to listen to him, and get to know Hammersport.

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