The Truth Behind the Gate

💡Here’s a truth about branding and marketing that you’ll probably feel you already knew.💡

🔒💼There’s a lot of gatekeeping when it comes to branding. 

🤔💭Here’s what I mean.

No one seems to talk about how it’s done,

Because if you knew the truth, you’d never pay them,

Yup – I said it!

If they said that it isn’t easy, 

If they said it won’t be fast, 

and if they said that can’t be cheap –

🙅‍♂️🚫No one would do it.

That is until we educate ourselves.🎓📚

When we learn what it means to build a brand that includes all of the necessary parts…

We Understand Why It Works!

When Building a Brand:

💼👤You gotta include yourself 

🔍🌠Because you have a vision 

💎💼You have values 

💪🏽👍🏽And you have strengths – and these things are why you made it this far.

🏢It needs to include your company

🏷️and how you provide brand-worthy value.

🔄What are the processes you have in place to ensure it works?

🤝What is the culture of your team that uses those systems to deliver consistent value?

🌐💼Finally, it has to include the Marketplace

📊🏁To account for the competition.

Not how you can beat them,

🥇🏆but how you do what they can’t.

And when done well, every image and message is leveraged toward identifying with, attracting, and serving your ideal client.

Because that’s what business is all about

🛍️Not just serving your customers. 

🎯But attracting them with ease.  

💎It means positioning yourself as the only one who gives them what they truly want.

Marketing with a brand strategy is what business is designed for.

The acquisition of customers. 🎯🛒

Otherwise, just go pound a hammer,

be a service provider,

cause there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you’re a service provider, you won’t be focused on the only reason to start a business…

To assist in the acquisition of customers.🎯🛒

😤🤬Sorry if I’m facetious but I’m pissed

🤬💼I’m pissed that nobody talks about branding in full form.  

😌✨It is easy

✨🔄It is simple

You just can’t shortcut it because it CAN take an arbitrary amount of time. 

You need to collect the data until you gain an insight

This discovery allows you to create a hypothesis.

And a hypothesis isn’t present until you can explain to yourself why activities will bring you the desired results.

Do you want easier access to more customers?

Then branding is what it takes.

🔄📣Your branding strategy is everything working together as the top-of-the-funnel message.

It should include different brand elements cohesively working together to attract a wide scope of the market while not being annoying.

Your marketing strategy is how to attract your ideal clients to come and do business with you

They’re quite different, but they work together.

Then what do you do?

🎯🤝You find the similarities between your clients so that your message reaches more of them.

🔍🏆You find the gaps left behind by your competition so that you can stand out.

💪🏽👍🏽And you showcase your strengths so that you can focus on what you do best.

🧩It’s all part of the puzzle.

🎉🎯And when it’s put together, there isn’t anything left to say or do.

You just let it work.

The same goes for this post.

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