The ABC’s of Business: Reframing Connections

In the realm of business and sales, the ABCs—Always Be Closing—has long been the mantra.

While closing deals is crucial, it’s not always the most effective approach in every interaction.

Recently, I observed this dynamic play out in a conversation thread. It began with a connection attempt based on perceived common interests—a shared desire to generate sales and foster business growth.

However, trouble arose when one party immediately launched into a spiel about their own business offerings. Unsolicited pitches like this often come across as purely sales-driven, deterring genuine engagement.

Instead, I advocate for a softer, more relationship-focused approach.

Initiating connections should prioritize mutual understanding and assistance over immediate sales pitches.

When introduced by a third party, take the time to genuinely get to know one another. Reach out with an offer of assistance or collaboration rather than a sales pitch. This builds rapport and fosters genuine connections, laying the foundation for future collaboration.

Here’s a suggested script for initiating such conversations:

“Hi Bob, It’s Lewis. John thought we should connect. I’d love to have a brief conversation to explore how I might be able to assist you or connect you with valuable resources to advance your business goals. Would next Wednesday work for you? If so, are 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. convenient? Let me know what suits you best.”

By shifting the focus from selling to genuinely helping, we can forge stronger, more meaningful connections that benefit all parties involved.

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