Web Page Readability Will Help You Stand Out

Web page readability is important for keeping a low bounce rate. In most cases, people don’t read exactly what we write, but understanding web page readability will help them find what they’re looking for.

Making your website a trusted source of information is a very important tactic for improving your SEO ranking over time. By creating compelling content that people can trust, you will be in a much better position to rank high on search engine results pages. So make sure to put your all into creating valuable and trustworthy content!

Most people don’t read everything.

Instead, they tend to scan over the text looking at the main elements.

So the answer is, “No”, they won’t read all of it.  Here’s why.

Web page readability is a key factor to making your website work well.

People read web pages for different reasons.

Some people are looking for information that is specific to them, while others want to be excited and inspired by what they read. The most important factor in determining readability is how well the content meets the reader’s needs.

Understand your audience and the problems they are facing. Help them feel confident, excited, and ready for success!

At HammerSport Marketing we like to use the “problem, solution, and result” formula.

This keeps us focused on writing in a format that is relevant to the reader. Do this in your writing, in your elevator What is the problem your target market has? What is the solution that you provide?

What is the result they get when they use you? Doing this makes your communication more about them than you. It makes a huge difference.

Utilizing headings and subheadings is a great way in increasing your web page readability.

Emphasize the main messages through a clear structure of titles using the size and bold type of your font.

This is best done by using the HTML structure of headings and paragraphs.

Here is a little INFO about how that works when coding a website.

Hare is an ARTICLE about what it means for your SEO.  Some say all of this matters for your search engine optimization but even if it doesn’t it does help with readability.

Use colors and pictures that attract the attention of the reader.

They should add to the information or story, not distract from it.  If they get too distracted that will affect the web page readability.

The typeface is another way to describe how you are showing words and which sentences are important.

The typeface that you use should make it EASIER to read, not jump out in a way that makes the other text ignored.

(picture of typeface examples)

Often we think that some typefaces will attract more attention and this is not always the case.

Most importantly, understand the purpose of the article and each section you are composing.

Actually helping the reader is a huge factor for web page readability.

Be intentional to increase your web page readability

Generally, on a website, you are working to accomplish one of two things.

  1. Informing and educating to gain the readers confidence
  2. Enticing and influencing to create emotion that elicits action, also known as converting the visitor into a customer.
Web page readability is about turning your visitors into prospects.

When you are sending a message to the user through website text for either of these purposes it is important to understand which of these you are intending to accomplish.

At HammerSport Marketing, Intentionality is one of our values.  This is a key factor in our ability to write content.

Go to the Build Your Brand section of our Services and click on “Content” for info about how we can help you with content to increase your web page readability.

Second, be clear, concise, as short as possible, and use the simplest terminology possible. 

Web page readability will go way down if the reader doesn’t understand you.

Do not use industry jargon.  You are the expert, they are not.  You want them to understand ideas that may be new to them so using industry terminology will only confuse your reader.

On the other hand, you definitely do not want to belittle them.  No one wants to be talked down to.  This will anger the read and the web page readability will go way down.

For increased web page readability, just explain yourself in normal terms in a way that you would speak to someone who is not in your industry.

Next, add attractive CTAs or calls to action so that the user knows exactly what to do next.

This is extremely important because the rule of thumb in marketing is to ask your audience to take the next step. 

Literally tell the reader what that step is and then make it readily available, easy to see, and easy to do.

Having a call to action doesn’t necessarily help with web page readability but it definitely matters for the effectiveness of gaining more customers.

On mobile devices, you should prioritize and shorten the content and lengths of sentences, even more, this is huge for web page readability on a mobile device.

Space is limited and they are in an even more distracted state of mind.

To summarize, know your intention and communicate it in the simplest way possible.

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