What if you have a small business, and you don’t take the Hammersport Marketing Brand Development course?

I asked HammerSport Marketing CEO Lewis May a multi-part question about brand development. He enjoys sharing what he knows, and I should get college credits for these Q and As. 

Pat–  If someone has a small business and they don’t take the course, what would you suggest for them as far as brand development? To start out if they were researching themselves for themselves online or whatever?

Lewis– No. Great. That’s a lot. I love that question because it fits right in with what we want to do. And I actually had a sales call with a woman named Diane. And I did some of these things with her, because she wasn’t going to become a customer. she’s deep into her own small business and doesn’t have any discretionary income, but she definitely needs to start doing some of these things anyways.

So I’m just gonna pull right from the brand development course, which are some of the most basic ideas that come from the course that I didn’t make up myself. These are basic marketing 101 ideas that are taught in business development. They’re taught by colleges. They’re taught by the small business administration.

If you were going to go and, go to your local, Small Business Administration chapter and ask them, Hey, I want to start a business. They’re going to say, you need to write a business plan. The first couple of things in the business plan are going to say, you need to develop your mission statement and you need to set it up.

State your company values. So that’s what I would say to anyone who is looking to build a brand, and start on the path to having a developed brand is to start to think about and work, to identify your mission or your mission statement and your company core values. and here’s why, here’s what those things are.

Your mission statement can just be simply how are you going to affect the people involved in your business? So there’s always a core group of people in any business. There’s the owners, there’s the employees, there’s the clients. Then there’s the community. These are variables for a company that wants to have a developed brand.

You need to be thinking about how you affect these different groups of people, because whether you do your business well, or you do it poorly, you’re going to affect these people. And that’s. Yourself, the leader, that’s your employees, your clients, and then the community. It’s just like the phrase beginning with the end in mind, you want to begin with the end of it, mind and your brand building and your business of thinking, how do I want to affect these people?

You should probably be coming up with a positive way that you’re affecting them because that’s good business. Right? Good marketing is sharing positivity and sharing value with the world and then identifying that and writing it down. Why are you doing this? And what are you doing it for? And how is it going to help them? Now you’ve got a mission. Yeah. 

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